Warmer for Winter



Most winter colour trends follow the rule ‘Warmer for Winter’ however we say do something different and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! How about going lighter and brighter this Winter? Break up your dark winter fashion with Milky blond hues.

Keep with your blonde, or better yet go blonder!

Now is the perfect time to start creating and playing with your blonde to have it ready and on point for SUMMER!

Being a blonde doesn’t mean you’re just ‘blonde’. Blondes can be creative by changing it up with toners; it is easy and means you aren’t losing your blonde locks!

Whether it is a creamy blonde like Blake Lively or a gorgeous golden blonde like Margot Robbie or Delta Goodrem, we believe sticking with the blonde this winter is the best thing for you and your hair!

No matter how light your blonde is you can always be creative with COLOURFUL toners.

Margot Blake Delta

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